It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick

I feel like I got his by a bus.  Or a train.  Or a really big truck.  Yesterday, I woke up with the sniffles that went away pretty quickly after I woke up.  This morning, I have sinus pressure, grogginess, and I’m so tired.  I think I’m getting a cold, and I’m not loving it!  I was singing along to Black Parade by MCR (it was on in the car, and I turned it up really loud, and for some reason, the beginning part makes me cry – it must be because of the drumming… I find that usually does it for me) and my voice kept giving out.  Not cool!  I have to be hale and healthy for tomorrow so I can scream along with the kids at my youth group!

I went to the gym yesterday, to weigh in for my end of the month weigh in.  I’m at 161 lbs, which means that I’ve lost roughly 6 pounds.  I say roughly because my weight fluctuates a little bit each day.   Tomorrow I have an appointment with my trainer to get my measurements done, and to see if there’s anything that we should change about my workout routine.  I’m not too interested in changing it, but I’ve really got to add more cardio, me thinks.  ::shrugs:: we’ll see what the trainer says.

I’m so sad that last nights ANTM was a repeat.  There have been a lot of repeats this week.  Is is repeat week?  The only new shows (of the ones that I watch) were The Unit and House.  At least so far.  We’ll see if Grey’s Anatomy is new or old.  I’ve really been enjoying the Class, actually.  I find it quite cute and funny.  And this weeks repeat was one that I hadn’t seen before, so yay!

I get to buy some new books today.  Yay for that.  I’m not sure yet which ones I’m going to get, but I did update my book list and I’m taking it with me! 🙂

All right, I’m done blathering on.  Peace out, yo!


9 thoughts on “It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick

  1. I do it just to bug people like you! 😆

    I wouldn’t actually say that in real life. Except for when I say it to the kids in my youth group as we all really awkwardly pretend to be gangster. I am K-dog, and the ringleader of this is Slim Master M. Yeah, we’re cool like that.

  2. according to the scale at the doctors I weigh 162….but that’s with shoes, and a purse, and a winter coat. Seriously, what’s the point?

  3. Hanna – I totally agree! At my Dr’s office they at least make me take off my coat, shoes and purse. It’s not as good as being naked, but it is in the hall…

    Belle – that would make sense, but I think it was last week. And really? It shouldn’t affect Canadian programming, you would think. ::shrugs:: Oh well. I guess that they all need a break every now and then! 🙂

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