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This past weekend, while I was out doing whatever I was doing, three men died in a nightclub.  It was a nightclub that I had never been to, and frankly hadn’t heard of (which means, that it will become more popular once it’s open because PEOPLE DIED THERE).  Located only blocks from my old apartment, it was kind of unnerving to hear about.

From what I understand, there was a fistfight that broke up, then normalcy again, and then there were shots, and three people (some in costume) were dead on the floor.

I guess that this doesn’t effect me all that much, other than to drive home the point that when it’s your time to go… it’s your time to go.  They’re saying that this might be gang related, and all that, but still – I think this city is becoming more dangerous.

This incident has been the among largest (meaning how many people are dead) in some time.  It also brings our murder total up to 32 for the year.  Last year ended with an all time high of 39 murders in my city.  I’m not going to speculate on what our end figure will be this year, but it just bugs me a little bit.  I wish people would just get it together and stop solving things with guns.


5 thoughts on “My City

  1. My apartment downtown – not the one that you stayed at. I don’t think you ever saw my old apartment.

  2. yeah… it’s sad… the City of Champions no more… now it’s more like the City of Murders. STOP IT MURDERERS! STOP IT!

  3. I honestly don’t know how you live in the area of town that you do, amazingblonde! There’s so much noise and activity and crime. It would drive me crazy.

    I don’t dislike that area, per se, but I just don’t think that I could live there.

  4. Seriously, people! Cut it out with the guns!

    Murder baffles me. I know it’s usually a heat of them moment type thing, but I can’t fathom ever being angry enough to feel as if I’m entitled to take someone else’s life. Craziness.

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