Somebody Kill Me

I am the dumbest person ever. At least for today.

You know how I’m purchasing my domain, getting ready to move over to my own “home” on the internet? Well, my tech guy PM’d me to say “Hey! doesn’t work!” So I thought that I was having issues like Mama Jen, but it seems that I registered THE WRONG FARKING DOMAIN NAME!!!! So I called their tech support, but it seems that domain names are a final sale with NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! I had actually registered Which I couldn’t live with.

I ended up buying a new domain name. With proper spelling. Now I’m just waiting for it to come through the email so I can send it to Roy to fix for me. Because he’s a gem and a doll and I would be broke with out him. And without his sharp eye? I’d bet the blogger who can’t spell.

Hanna? I totally blame all this on YOOOOUUUU!!! This and the fact that I feel like I’m getting a cold. It’s all on you, baby.


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