No cool quote for you today

I am stalling going to the gym, so I am sitting here.

Hey, HK, I have a question for you… If I only have a half hour to be at the gym, is it better to do the sprint circut (1 minute of weights, then one minute of cardio, trying to keep your heart rate up the whole time), or a straight half hour of cardio on the threadmill or whatever? If I’m not in a hurry, I do the sprint ciruct (half an hour), at least half an hour or cardio right after, then I do a core work out, and stretch – about two hours. It’s what the trainer at the gym put me on.

Anyway! Rob got new glasses last night. They are pretty nice! I really like them. We were at Southgate, and I wanted more L’eau D’issey body wash. So I stopped into the Bay and picked some up, but when I was there, I tried on the new Dolce and Gabbana “Light Blue”. Which I love, and more importantly, that Rob really really really loves. So, I exchanged my body wash for the small bottle of Light Blue, and a free tube of body scrub (it is soooo nice! I love the scrub! I leave you moisturized without feeling greasy!). It’s heavenly.

Ok, I should go to the gym so I can shower and spray myself with all sorts of lovely goodness that is D&G.