When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear

I am so furious and frustrated with Rob. We had this discussion that we would be putting sod down so our parking pad (we have no garage) would be usable this winter. We haven’t been able to park back there since August, due to wet weather, and because the neighbours put in their sod (they had a path that we could use). It has been filthy, annoying and dangerous. Both of us have fallen, ruined clothes and hurt ourselves. I told Rob that I couldn’t live like this any more, and frankly refused. He had the choice of hiring someone to put sod in or putting it in himself.

Last night he came to bed and decided to “inform” me that we are putting sod down in the spring. Of course I got angry at him. I’m pretty sure that I said a few things like “Fine. I refuse to go back there. Enjoy pulling the car around every morning and every time I decide to go somewhere. I hope you enjoy being a valet, because that is all you get to do all winter and spring. I refuse to walk on any stupid wood pathway that will be slippery and hard to walk on in heels. I will not listen to one word about mud. I refuse to wipe my feet and take off my pants as soon as I get in the house because you were too damn lazy to arrange to have sod put in this year. If you slip and fall, I will have no sympathy for you, and if you have no clothes to wear because they are all muddy then too damn bad. I’m not doing laundry every day again because you are too afraid to put it in this year. It’s not like I asked you to do this yesterday.”

The thing that makes me the most furious? I was ovulating in the past 24 hours. He knew that. And still, “Hi honey. I’ve decided to tell you and your desires to piss off. Can we have sex now?” He doesn’t care that I don’t want to have anything to do with mud, and he doesn’t care that I want to get pregnant. Otherwise he could have waited until tonight. Bastard.

Update: I’m not so angry about the sod any more. We’ll discuss it one more time, and if he absolutely refuses, there’s nothing I can do short of laying it myself. And I just don’t have the drive to put down 1600 square feet of heavy sod.

I’m still upset over his lack of thoughtfulness when bringing it up, and the consequences that could have for us. Seriously? After this month? We have two more months to try until it’s on hold until next year.