Interesting News Bit

So. I get a news bit in my inbox every now and then, and this one seemed to interest me quite a bit. I’m not American, so it doesn’t necessarily apply to me, but I still wonder about it.

Basically, New York city and New Jersy are trying to ban trans fats in resaraunts, making it illegal to serve food with trans fats. Regulators in the Second City, DC and LA are reflecting favourably on the progress in that direction.

Now, trans fats are good for you, but lots of things aren’t good for you. Are trans fats really the killer that they are made out to be? Or are they the newest food faux pas like saturated fat and carbs?

Also, does the government have the right to control trans fat as a banned substance? Will they start to arrest trans fat smugglers? If something like this was to be legislated in your town or city, would you fight it?