Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them

Last night, Rob and I went out for dinner and a movie, which was quite nice!

We went to East Side Mario’s, which is an itallian place. I think they try too hard to be all “New York”, but whatever, the food is often descent and the prices aren’t bad. Rob had extra hot buffalo wings, and I had tomato linguini with shrimp. It was pretty good. We wanted dessert (they offer funnel cakes! My favourite! ), but we ran out of time, because we were seeing an early movie.

We went and saw Jet Li’s Fearless. It was really really good. It wasn’t as pretty as Hero was, but it was still fantastic. As far as it being Jet Li’s last and final martial arts epic, I would say that it is a good note to leave on. The plot was good and believable, the acting was good, and the fighting was terrific. There were a few unbelievable spots, but for the most part, I felt that it was realistic.

I did a search on Jet Li, to see if he was actually retiring, or just not doing martial arts movies any more, and this is what I found (from the Rotton Tomato) When asked about whether he was leaving the movie industry, or just focusing on either genres:

I really want to retire. (laughs) I think “Fearless” is the last one. I won’t do martial arts movies anymore. But in my mind, martial arts movies are martial arts movies and action is action. It’s quite different, because martial arts doesn’t just have physical form; you have a philosophy, internal and external. A lot of it involves your life. How you see the world. An action film I think is just about the movement. I think it’s different.

I don’t honestly know how old he is, but I would imagine that there comes a point in a person’s lives when they just don’t want to do those stunts any more, and who can blame them?