So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending

In honour of Edmonton’s favoured precipitation today, here is my post for winter. Which doesn’t wait for December in this city. It usually comes just before Halloween for a week, and then leaves again, but will be back around the first of November.

I hate winter. Not as much as I hate PETA (I seem to be full of hate today. The emotion of the day is hate! This post, brought to you by the letters H, A, T, and the number 3… backwards, of course), but it’s right up there.

There are a few reasons that winter and I are no longer on speaking terms. Yes, I did say no longer. It is because I used to love winter! When I had snow pants! And no reason to go outside other than to play in the snow! And my mother bundled me up so I couldn’t see if I turned my head (it’s a good thing I didn’t play in traffic)! And I didn’t feel gross about wiping my nose on my mittens! I digress. We are no longer on speaking terms because I am my father’s daughter.

My father, God bless the man and his crazy genes, cannot be out in the wind. At all. He must wear a hat, and we know its cold out when dad starts to blow his nose. If his forehead or cheeks (sinus points) get cold, he is in for a raging sinus “issue” that starts with a headache from hell. After that, it is congestion, more headaches, and a never ending supply of mucus.

Because I follow DIRECTLY in his footsteps in so many things, you won’t see me without a toque (hat, beanie, whatever) from now until… May. I’ll sometimes go without in April, but if that wind comes up, WATCH OUT! THE SNOT IS COMING!!! So, it’s not that I am hiding a bald spot or a bad dye job, or even my roots. It’s honestly because no one wants me to be sick all 12 months of the year.

I hate (!! Starring the letter H!!) how I have sinus pressure and congestion most of the year. If it’s not allergies in the spring, summer, and fall, it’s wind and cold induced! ::Sigh:: I am sure that I will survive another winter. I have yet to drown in snot.

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