Oh My Goodness

So. Poor Rockstar Mommy had to give up her beloved dog due to her son’s allergies. Understandable, right? The poor woman is now being badgered with “OMG, I can’t believe you owned a pit bull. You are a horrible mother and your dog shoudl be killed.” This is frustrating in itself, but if you check out the comments section, people are talking about PETA and stuff.

I hate PETA. With an undying passion. With the strength of a thousand suns. With whatever other things I can say. Seriously, hate hate HATE PETA.

They have a listing of pet food companies that don’t do testing on animals. Which is good – animal testing is bad. But here’s the kicker – some of these companies off vegan food for dogs and cats. I’m more of the BARK (Biologically Appropriate Real Food) mind myself, which means that I think that dogs and cats (who are both CARNIVORES should eat real meat, not just lips and bums. There are many companies who take human-grade meat (ie. like the cuts that we can get from the grocery store for ourselves to eat), they add fruit and veggies to it, but leave the grains (corn, oats, wheat and other stuff that dogs and cats wouldn’t eat naturally and have issue digesting). Basically, because they cut the carbs, the animals will lose weight and have more energy.

Anyway – feeding CARNIVORES vegan (no meat or animal by-products) is stupid! They can’t digest it! Hey you Hippy! Stop forcing your ideologies on your pets! It’s kind of kin to abuse!

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It snowed. But it’s melting, so that’s all good.

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