Ryan Smyth is in his office in front of the net

Tonight was part two of the Battle of Alberta (note: I hate that every hockey/football game between Calgary and Edmonton is now “The Battle Of Alberta”, like we’re in some big war), and we unfortunately lost. It’s so sad to see the Oilers lose, but I guess that you’ve got to lose a few, right? Right? Anyway, I have to say that I really enjoyed the commentators tonight. They did a good job of staying neutral, and being funny. With things like Smyth being in his office, etc. The best, though, was when Staios took his puck to the face, they were joking about it, saying they were surprised that he got up, and then they had to drop the “It’s only a flesh wound” reference in there… Hockey guys who watch Monty Python! Sweet!

One thing that I noticed about this game is that the refs/linesmen seemed to be miked (mic’d?) so we could hear them yelling at the players, giving them tips like “watch your free hand” and stuff like that. It was pretty cool.

And Staois? Took a puck to the face and got up after! I couldn’t believe it! He went to the bench to let the stars clear, and then was back on the next shift. I was pretty surprised, as the guy doesn’t wear a face guard (or whatever they call those clear things that are on the front of the helmet).

By the way, when did Minnesota get a team? Their jersey’s are weird.

Over all, it was a very fast game – everyone kept skating, the puck seemed to stay in play for extended period of time, etc. I thought it rocked. The best part was that I got to drink beer! Hurrah for not being pregnant!

On that note, if we had a boy and named him Joffrey, would we get made fun of?