Musings on the Way to Work

It was my brother in law’s birthday yesterday, so we babysat their 11 month old while they went to dinner. He’s a lot of fun, and pretty cuddly. He likes to be cuddled up, and kept rubbing his face on his blanket and fuzzy bunny. Soooo cute.

I went and got my steamed milk from Starbucks this morning (it’s like breakfast!) and realized that my brother in law was two cars behind me, so I paid for his drink two… bruhaha!

Anyway, while I was driving to work I was listening to the Sonic, and they were doign the Sonic Home Edition at a sorority house. It made me think “oh, I kind of miss my single, carefree days”. Then I started to laugh. Out loud. In my car. Mainly because I haven’t been single since I was 19! All of my single years were spent searching for Rob! How can I miss that? Must have been a temporary lapse in memory and sanity, there.

Oilers play tonight. I’ve got my game face on, and I’m representing in the blue and copper… after all, it’s Wear your Jersy day! Tee hee hee. I love my jersy… a 1999 Dean McAmmond jersy, that is! I’m still pretty choked that Peca got traded, even though that was a while ago. *sigh* There’s a lot of names in the roster that aren’t familiar, but the ones that are familiar, were good players. I’m happy to see that Roli is back, though. It will interesting to see how Joffrey Lupul (I love the name Joffrey) will play with our boys, being on the Ryan Smith/Shawn Horcoff line. I’m going to miss part of the game (yoga), but I should be able to catch the last period. I’m so glad that hockey’s back… I have an excuse to invite all my friends over again!