Anti-Aging and Gangsta' Rap

Tee hee hee… I love my car. More specifically, this morning, I love my CD player because it allowed me to listen to Cross Movement on the way to work. I have a routine, I listen to Garner Andrews and the news, then I usually flip to CD when the music gets lame. So, when a song that I didn’t like came on, I flipped over to CD, and got to listen to heavy bass gansta rap/hip hop stuff. It is so good. And the best part? Totally “christian” lyrics. You can listen to it with the whole family! You can listen to it while you roll with your homies! You can listen to it with the windows down!

Last night I went to a Mary Kay class on anti-aging. You all might be thinking “so what?” Well, I met a woman who inspired me to use the products properly and consistantly. I couldn’t believe her skin. She used to weigh nearly 300 pounds, and decided to get her stomache stapled. She lost over 100 pounds in 8 months, when she was 51 years old. Has anyone here met people who have had significant weight loss when they’re over 40? Their skin, especially around their chin and face, never goes back into place, it just hangs there. Let me tell you that this woman did not have a spare inch of skin anywhere on her face. And it wasn’t just good genetics – she showed us her arms! Anyway, her routine was this: Morning – Was with Timewise Agefighting Cleanser, then followed with step 1 of the Microderm abrasion (more about this product later), then she would use the second part of the microderm abrasion, the day solution, the Timewise Agefighting Moisturizer, and she would finish off with one of the Mary Kay Foundations. Night time, she’d do the same thing (without the Microderm abrasion, you can only use that every third day), and would substitute in the Night Solution. I can’t express to you how awesome her skin looked. Not only was she cleansing her face, but also her neck and chest area (above the boobs, the part that shows when you wear a vneck shirt). I seriously can’t get over how awesome she looked.

Anyway, there were a few things that this woman said that impressed me, so I will list them off.
1. The most important tool for anti-aging will never be purchased from a Mary Kay consultant, or any other beauty consultant/salesperson. It is already in our homes and is used frequently, although maybe not all the time. It is your face cloth.

The rough side of your face cloth should be used every time you wash your face to aid in exfoliation (this is an important process, and I will tell you more about it in the next point). Just remember to wash your face cloth often to keep bacteria from growing in it. You should also use your face cloth (dry) when you use your eye makeup remover, as it is the only time that your delicate eye area will be exfoliated. And just like every other area of your body, the skin does need to be exfoliated, but much more gently.

2. Microderm abrasion helps decrease fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots/damage, and light scarring by regular and continued use. The reason it does this is because baby skin cells grow beneath the current skin. When the reach the bottom layer of the current skin, they hang out there and become just like the layer above it, so it will take on any characteristic of the skin cells above it (ie. wrinkles, sun spots, etc.). Microderm abrasion lessens the time that the baby skin cells are hanging out with the damaged skin cells, which allows less time for them to become like the damaged ones. As time goes on, and you use the product regularily, the new baby cells are trying to be like the lesser damaged ones, and so become even less damaged then that. It’s pretty neat. I will say that if you have very deep scarring or incredibly deep wrinkles, this will take a long time to regenerate the skin, and there is a chance that it may never go away. But Microderm Abrasion is a great way to prevent wrinkles and reduce any of the lines that you currently have.

3. Using other products is fine! But people need to be aware of what is actually going on to their faces! For example, there is another microderm abrasion scrub on the market (available in the drug store) that is a great mda set. The only problem is that the jar is pretty small, and that the second step is Shea Butter! Shea butter is not for your face! It is for your feet! The problem with putting heaving creams on your face is that they don’t sink in past the first, dead layer of skin. You don’t actualize any anti-aging benefits because it’s not reaching the new skin cells, on the dead ones that you’re going to remove in a couple of days.

4. In that same vane, be aware of what products go into your skin care. There isn’t a governing body that takes care of what goes into these products. There is no FDA or CHFA to ok all the products – they just have to be listed. Some time ago, cosmetic manufacturors were using a preservative/stabilizer that when used by pregnant woman caused sterility in the boys that they gave birth to. This is a very extreme example of “products gone wrong”, but it is important to see what the company who makes the products believes in. I know that one motto of Mary Kay is to do no harm, so they only use ingredients that have been tested and proven to be safe and effective. The best part? None of that testing was done on animals. Ever. Mary Kay Ash (the woman who started it all) refused to allow it, even when it was all the rage back in the day.

5. My last point – please stop using the following items: Peach/apricot/mango pit scrub, alpha hydroxy acids (aha’s) and beta hydroxy acids (bha’s). The natural scrubs they have out there are just ground up fruit. You might think that it’s great! That it’s natural! That your skin will love it! But unfortunately, the granuals meant for removing the dead skin aren’t regulated so they have sharp and uneven points. This can cause teeeeeny scratches in your skin, and can cause your capilliaries to burst (they don’t grow back, by the way) due to injury and pressure. If you chose to use them, try to avoid the delicate face and neck skin, because that’s the skin you want to show off for the rest of your life, and you don’t want to injure that. The two acids used to be toted for their wonderful mini-peel abilities, and it’s true – for the first few years your skin will feel great! But over time, they actually speed up the aging process, so you are no farther ahead then before you used them.

So. That’s my speach for the day. And on to one more thing…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNA! YOU ARE NOW OLD, AND NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN!!! (which you’re getting good at, btw). Happy birthday, girl! Make sure that Craig takes you out for dinner and buys you nice presents! *hugs*