A look back – three long years

So, I’ve been blogging for three years. While I’ve kept a diary all my life, this is kind of a different thing… There’s nothing to hold in my hands as I read it, although it’s full of drivel and other stuff that I’ll be embarrassed about writing in a few years. It’s bound to happen. Has anyone read their journals from the past? Mine were usually filled with boys and friends – I guess that not much has changed… this is about one specific boy (lately) and my friends are now reading this and responding to it.

Here’s my look back at the past three Tabulas filled years:

October 2005

~ Rob was in Colombia for most of October, and part of September
~ Our house was at the drywall stage
~ I had an infected/cranky/unhealed nose ring
~ October was when my depression started. I can tell because I think I only wrote three or four entries for the whole month. Plus, Rob was gone, and I was just a wee bit unhappy (and doing things like eating a box of cookies for dinner).

October 2004

~ I didn’t really have a car, anymore. Mine was broken, so I just took the bus and got people to drive me places. By this time, I was living in Millwoods
~ We had small group with Darla and Jason from MCC. Carolyn and Mark were supposed to join us, to round out our group… but they never got there! πŸ™‚
~ I was apparently not that prolific that October as well! Only three entries

October 2003

~ I was dating Kevin. The moron. Who gave me HPV.
~ I was mad at Kevin. A lot. And rightfully so. He was an ass.
~ My deepest darkest secret is that I eat people (a quiz I did)
~ I realized that I was trying to love Kevin out of his character.
~ Kevin and I broke up
~ Awww… John! I dated John briefly.
~ Oh my gosh! I was hanging out with Stacey and Crew, playing more video games then I had ever played before (this is where I developed my mad soul calibre/tekken skills)
~ Ha ha ha! My whip cream bottle exploded in the fridge! And I just shut the door and walked away!
~ I bought a new car (and by new, I mean that it was an 82 corolla
~ Ha ha ha!!! I met Random Tire Glenn in 2003! I broke up with him at Cargo and James! We only went on two or so dates, so we didn’t really break up… We just stopped dating
~ I quit Temple Kung Fu (stupidest martial arts place ever)
~ I started to go to Millcreek Church of God (yay for Rob!)
~ I was dating Rob Dunbar at the time

Wow. So how’s for that, eh? If you want to read any of my old entries, you can visit the archives (link on the right). The one’s from 2003 are the most amusing, but there you go.

Anyways. I’m going to do some work now! πŸ™‚