The Simple Things

So, as everyone knows, we bought a new car a couple of weeks ago. It’s a small SUV, with pretty big tires, and a lot of gumption. As many of you (local) people know, it has been raining NON-FREAKING-STOP for about a week (hey look! The sun’s out today! Finally!).

I am the main driver of Ginny (said SUV), so we go everywhere together. And that means that we drive down Ellerslie Road a lot. For those of you who haven’t been down Ellerslie Road west of 111 st won’t know that it is the Road of Holes. Not just potholes, per se, but sunken holes, holes where they’ve dug stuff out and didn’t fill it properly (can you say “Albertan Labour Shortage”?). When you add this to the rain that we’ve been having, you get REALLY BIG PUDDLES!!

Most car owners really do try to dodge puddles. After all, the puddles are dirty, and they make a mess, and then you need a carwash. Me? I love puddles. If there are no pedestrians, I will drive through the puddles as fast as I can to ensure maximum spray. I think that the best puddle I hit this past week caused a tidal wave OVER my vehicle, spashing and making a mess on the side window on the OPPOSITE side of the car. It was sweet. There is just something about the view, just before the water hits the windshield that is beautiful.

Maybe I am still just in love with my new car. Maybe it’s just that this is my grown-up way of jumping in the puddles… but it’s good fun.