Big Blue Coffee Cup

Yesterday, I had a great, long chat with a bunch of my new BIFF’s. It was quite lovely and we had some very very funny conversations (ass tinsel? What the heck?). I hope that I’ll have some time to jump on there again today, but I’m not sure. I have been neglecting my blog a little bit lately, and I’ve got to keep updating.

Did I tell you that when we bought Ginny, our salesman gave me a new coffee cup? It’s big and blue and fits PERFECTLY in the cupholder. Our cupholders have the little triange tention things, you know, they fold away when you put your cup in, but they’re adjustable so you can use many different sizes of cups? Well, the new cup has ridges on the bottom so the little triange things actually grip the cup. I’m pretty sure that we could go off-roading with the truck and my drink wouldn’t spill. I also like the cup because I drink more water out of it then I do with my water bottle. The only downside? I have to get up to fill it more. I guess that is ok, because I’m getting up… But yeah.

We went shopping for pants last night. I know that this isn’t really blogging gold, except for the fact that we got into a mini-argument about my weight gain. I was very very close to becoming VERY angry with Rob, but he managed to gain himself some grace by keeping his big trap shut. I ended up with a really comfy pair of black dress pants that have a really wide and high waist band. You might be thinking “ew… granny pants” but they are really stylish, and no one sees the waist band (it goes under my shirt). I like it because it’s not going to show off my butt crack when I sit down, and I won’t get a muffintop at all! I also like that they’re stretchy because it makes them super comfortable. The only downside is that I have to get them hemmed. I bought the long ones because they fit better (why, I have no idea. You would think that a size 13 would be the same in a regular length and a long length… but APPARENTLY NOT!!!), and I would rather wear too long pants then too short pants. I’ll wash them then have Rob’s mom hem them. I probably could hem them myself… but I’m too afraid that they would end up different lengths… and that would just be embarrassing.

I started to play Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door.

It’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed playing any video games, and this one seems to be my speed right now. I really like it because it’s an RPG, which means there’s a lot more game play then just killing enemies. There are puzzles to solve, and things to look at. I also enjoy the story, quite a bit. Here’s a really crappy video to look at. It will give you the general idea of how the game looks. It’s someone video-ing their tv, so it’s pretty crap. I really like that everything in the game is made of “paper” so when things like Mario turn around, it’s like flipping over paper!

My great Aunt, whom I can’t remember, is having a major party in a couple of weeks. Should I go? It’s on a Sunday, which is our BUSIEST day all week.