Ho hum pigs bum

I want to add a site counter, but it looks like I will have to do some research and set some time apart to do that tomorrow. Snickrsnack Katie (see link) has one that lets her see what google searches bring people to her blog… but I’m cheap and refuse to pay for that, so I guess I’ll just get to count how many come by.

I tend to forget that I also write a few things in “friends only”, which makes me look like a lame poster.

What is with the weather this week? Ellerslie road had a good 6″ of water pooled on the edges! This is probably due to blocked drains more than a huge influx of water in a short time, but seriously! Due to the fact that the [sarcasm] brilliant [/sarcasm] home builder dug out our sidewalk, then put our wooden slat boards back down. They are now floating. If you come to our house – don’t walk on the sidewalk! You will be soon standing in ankle deep water. *growls*

I just made pancakes. With chocolate chips and marshmellows. It’s health food, I told you.

Rockstarmommy.com is broken. It says that she has exceeded her bandwidth, which doesn’t surprise me. She’s the most read blog that I visit. I hope that she’s able to fix it soon! 🙂 I’m such an addict. Plus the fact that I enjoy talking to my “friends” there.

All right, now that you’ve all actually read that (why, I ask you! Why!), I am going to go. I’ve got a few phone calls to make, so I should get off my bum and do that!