The obligatory update

Not much going on here, these days. I’m trying to get busier with my Mary Kay stuff, so I can afford to go to Fall Advance and all that jazz. I’m tired of not doing anything with it, so I’ve just got to get after it! Get off my bum and start booking!

Rob has been overwhelmed with stuff to do for church, now that he’s the Worship Coordinator. They’ve grouped in stuff like making sure the communion stuff is ready and coordinating special music. We are supposed to do a Ministry Fair (to get people to sign up for stuff) in two weeks, and I’m preparing his bulletain board. I think that my angle will be “Worship Ministry: More than just music”… in hopes that non-musical people will realize and sign up for tasks and responsibilities besides singing, etc. Rob’s really frustrated, and I’m hoping that people will be stepping up to help. The funniest thing is that they are supposed to be training someone to take their place… I know that there isn’t anyone in the church who can/will take Rob’s place – it’s the reason they went there… no one else was willing to do it. I have a feeling that I am going to be approached to learn how to take over the youth group. The answer to that is NOOOO!!! I’m not planning on being available to the youth group after this year is done, anyway… so there is no way that I would be willing to lead it. I think that our church really needs a youth pastor, so that way people can volunteer to show up to be crowd control and to build relationships, but not have to plan and run events. It’s too much preperation. *sigh* Oh well.

Speaking of all that, I’ve got to go plan our bbq and corn maze night.