Because I'm a Copycat Dork

Over at, the latest rage is to have an internet based voicemail box! Basically, you sign up for a USA based number that people can call and leave messages on. The lovely internet board sends it to me in an email, then I get to listen to it on my computer!!! Cool or what? The only drawback is that whoever leaves a message has their phone number forwarded on to the voicemail box owner (me, in this instance). I promise I won’t stalk you if you call me (unless you want me to stalk you!). My number is (206) 339-KAIT (5248). So call me. You know you waaaaaannnaa!!!

In other news, I went to the gym last night for the first time in about 6 months. I don’t hurt today (shocking, I know), but I think it’s because I wussed out. Instead of actually pushing my musles to the failure point, I only made them tired. *sigh* I was pretty tired when I left, so I am quite surprised that I am not sore today.

In light of not being sore today, I am considering attending their “Flow Yoga” class, which is more of a movement based yoga (instead of a holding/stretching based yoga). It’s not a real “form” of yoga, but I’m pretty interested in it. I will also be attending Hatha Yoga on Saturday, which is a stretching yoga.

So, in my very very public voice, I am going to tell you this: If I do not go to the gym at least three days a week, I must do Rob’s chores for the next week. The only reason that I can miss is if I am out of town, or I am sick. The only chores that I will NOT be doing is cleaning up the kitty litter. This agreement is in effect for 6 months, at that time, it will be evaluated and redrawn.

Hey. Why haven’t you called me yet?