Yesterday, I picked up Rob from the bus station on our way home. This isn’t new or different, although we don’t do this every day (only when he misses his transfer – usually because the first bus is late). We drove the rest of the way home pretty normally, until we came around the corner to where our house is.

“Why is there a Bobcat on our lawn?” I asked Rob. “Did [insert home building company here] do something ELSE wrong?”

“I have no idea” was his reply. As we pulled closer to the house, I noticed that they had really (beautiful) black dirt and they were dumping it around our house.

“Cool! Top soil!” I exclaimed, “We’re getting our grass soon! Yessss!” I paused… “Oh, crap. We don’t have our sidewalk!”

So we parked in the back and ended up going in our back door so we didn’t have to walk through the ankle deep top soil down the side of the house. Rob then called Alex, our site supervisor, who didn’t know ANYTHING about the topsoil delivery. *sigh*

I’m getting tired of the incompetance of Alex. He can’t seem to remember anything or do anything right. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t believe that they haven’t been able to coordinate a painter for our deck and door, they haven’t been able to move our BBQ gas line, pour our sidewalk or anything else like that! They are utterly incompetant! *deep breath*

So now, they are very likely going to screw up our landscaping when they pour the sidewalk, or I’m going to be stuck with top soil (which means weeds) for a while. Grrr!

Anyway, I love to hear the neighbours’ stories about their fights with the trades and with Alex. They have pallets down in between our houses so we don’t have to walk through the dirt and mud. Yesterday, they told our pregnant neighbour that she would have to move them before they worked on it. She came back with “I’m pregnant, move them yourself!” Ah, to have seen the look on the guy’s face.

On the plus side, I’m getting a green tree instead of an ugly purple one. Yes!