What? why?

So, after frying my brain by watching an hours worth of music videos… tell me this: Why is it required, now, for women in music videos to dance like strippers? The hair flick, the swirling around, the crouch and popping your butt out? The squating and opening your legs to let the world see your “area”? When did that become required?

“Please respect me! I am a person! Hey, did you see me strip down in my latest video? Don’t treat me as a sex object, I am a person… but didn’t I look hot in that video?”


On a side note, I think that the worst video for this was the Pussycat Dolls… uh, the one about unbuttoning their shirts maybe? Or was it just worse because there was 6 of them instead of just one?

On the plus side, I’m going downstairs to workout. Because seeing legs like that makes me want to lose a wee bit of weight.