On the Road… again

So it looks like Rob and I *might* be going to Oman. I’m not sure for how long, and it depends on my work situation (how long I can have off) and if we can get someone to watch our house and cats.

It’s a trip that we would never ever be able to take otherwise… the tickets (on expedia.ca) for a round trip would be almost $22,000. A figure that we would never be able to spend on travelling!

I’ve been googling Oman like crazy to try and find out stuff about it. The city we would be staying in is Muscat (the capital), which is a port city. They have beautiful beaches, awesome sand dunes and desert space, plush lush greenery and mountains in others! The company that wants Rob to come out is just about willing to do anything to get him (and therefore us) out there! And we’re totally going to go if we can get all our ducks in a row here.

There isn’t anything that I’m worried about. It will be interested to see what goes on… but I’ll have to buy new clothes – elbow length sleeved shirts, and skirts that go to my knees or longer, all in light colours and lightweight fabrics. Because it is an Islamic (peaceful muslims, and fairly liberal), they do have a general dress code – no shorts for women, and no tight/short/sleeveless tops. I don’t really have any complaints with this… at least I know that when we go to the beach I won’t have to see other women’s boobs!

I’m really excited, and I hope that I can go. Anyone want to stay at our house?