Marriage Challenge

This is taken from Fade To Numb. I claim no responsibility or recognition for the ideas, etc.

Fade To Numb has issued a 7 day challenge to all married folk who might need a little “boost” in their relationship. I know that Rob and I do, especially with not having a lot of time together over the past three weeks, so we shall be participating in the challenge. There is no prize, except maybe a step forward in a more intimate relationship.

The challenge runs from this Sunday (Aug. 13) to next Saturday night (Aug. 19). Try it and let me/us know if it worked for you (no details, just “this was great” or “this bombed big time”). The rules/steps:

~ A daily abundance of non-sexual physical affection, such as hugs, kisses, and hand-holding.

~ Sweet and/or erotic phone calls, emails, messages, and notes throughout the day.

~ Thinking about each other occasionally throughout the day. In a good way, not in a I-Think-I’m-Gonna-Kill-Him-If-He-Leaves-His-Socks-On-The-Floor-One-More-Time type of way.

~ Teenage-style flirting. Smiling across a room. Winking. (Okay, forget the winking. The winking is way cheesy.)

~ Thinking and planning ways to make the other person happy. Planning a date. Giving small gifts or cards. Watching the kids so the other person can do something she enjoys. Spontaneous nakedness. (Who doesn’t love spontaneous nakedness?)

~ Sexuality. That doesn’t necessarily mean sex all of the time, but rather allowing sexuality to pervade (what a great word!) our relationship. Kiss with a bit of tongue! Jump in the shower together! Pinch an ass! Touch a boob! Grab a package! Hopefully each other’s and not someone else’s! And hopefully not your own! Well, I don’t care, grab your own!

~ Sex. What fun would seven days of unbridled passion and desire be without some sex? Sex doesn’t need to be a daily event, but it should probably be sprinkled in their somewhere. And both parties should be initiators. Things should be adventurous and creative. Fun and playful. Passionate.

So there you go! Try it! You might have fun!