While in Anahiem, we managed to take advantage of an IHOP patio (note: to the woman who smoked next to us. You smell bad. Pancakes and smoke do not mix). For those of you who don’t know what an IHOP is (as I didn’t before we went there), it is a pancake house. There wasn’t anything special about it (in my opinion), except that they brought us a carafe of coffee instead of filling our cups several times during the meal.

I didn’t take any pictures of our food, but I’ll try to tell you about it. I got the french toast platter type thing. Your usual – french toast, hashbrowns, eggs and bacon. There was nothing special about it. Rob had the cinnamon roll french toast which was awesome – it was a cinnamon bun/roll cut into pieces and made like french toast. It was good.

It was interesting to eat there – not fancy or anything, but interesting in the way that every country has at least one of these greasy spoon chains… whether it’s Denny’s, Albert’s, IHOP or whatever.

These are the pictures (this was somewhat early in the morning, so please forgive us!).

Waiting for our table (part of the group):

More of us waiting for our table:

If you can’t tell, they are making an “IHOP” with their arms/hands:

I was bored and hungry. Notice the Tink shirt:

Apparently the girl on the right can make the pyramid of creamers 5 wide, but she ran out for this particular one.

Oh yeah, I would like to say this about resaraunts in general (while down there). What is up with you? When we ask for a table for 13, do you think we are joking? Can you just not count? Are you thinking that it is too unlucky and that you should make one of us stand? On more than one occasion, the people (different restaraunts) sat us at a table for 12. Bah!

Anyway, there are some more pictures from my trip! See? Slowly but surely!