*deep sigh*

Had some Timmies coffee this morning. Mom brought it to work for me, God love that woman! I’m out to buy some more coffee beans tonight… I miss my home-made coffee (as good as Timmies is, there are way more calories and sugar in theirs, plus I like my coffee a wee bit on the weak side).

Blogger hates me. Or else, I am just a moron. I completely forget my user name for my blogger account… and now I can’t get in to it to reply to comments or anything. *sigh* I think I’ve officially lost my mind. I asked for them to email me my password (like 100 times) and it hasn’t been emailed to me yet, either. GRRRR!!! I love it, and I don’t want to start a new one! No Fair! Freaking eh!


Hey look, the email finally showed up. Bruhaha! Now I know what my login is.

All is well in the world again.


I started On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony last night. It’s supposed to be sci-fi, but it’s not really like that (for me yet, anyway), but I’m only 20 pages in. I’m enjoying it so far. The main guy (Zach? Zeke? Zake?) has mainly been talking about magic gems and finding money because he’s broke. Oh, and he turned down sex with a ghost. It’s pretty good so far, even though Z-boy is a little whiney.

Edit: His name is Zane! Zane, I tell you!