I keep meaning to do an update, but I keep forgetting. *sigh*

On Friday, I peed on a stick, and there was a negative result. Which was frustrating because shortly after that, I got my period. Of course after I spend the money, I get a result. Oh well, it came with three testers, so I’ll be able to use it a few more times if necessary.

I got my hair died on Friday, as well. I should take a picture of it, but I keep forgetting. I’ll do it soon. I got light gold streaks put in, so it softens the black, and helps my roots to not show nearly as much. I saw Dana from Itonica on Jasper Ave. It was a nice place and not much more than I would have spent anywhere else. Parking was a pain, though, and I didn’t know that they like you to tip in cash instead of through debit. Oops. Oh well, I’ll know for next time. Dana has been at Itonica for 5 years, and doesn’t plan on going anywhere. I seriously hope that she doesn’t. I am so tired of searching for hair stylists!

After that, I picked up Rob and we went to Bob and Lorna’s for dinner. It was pretty good, and we kind of celebrated Bob and Tricia’s birthdays (both in July). Hurrah. After that, we went to see the new Pirates movie. It was pretty good, but not as good (in my opinion) as the first one. I felt that it relied on more falling-off-of-things humour then actual wit. It’s also much darker then the first one, with Davy Jones, and all. Oh well. I still enjoyed it.

Saturday morning I had Mary Kay training, then we went and test-drove a Pontiac Torrent. I quite liked it, but Rob isn’t sure if he does. The worst part is that Bob was trying to convince us not to get it! He thinks it’s too expensive for us. I found that really frustrating as he has no idea what our finacial situation is, and he shouldn’t make judgements on what we can afford! Rob’s sister and BIL just bought a Montana from him, and they are only paying $200 a month on it, instead of the $400 that we would be paying. It just irritates me that he want’s us to downgrade. I know for a fact that BIL makes less money then we do, plus he has a higher mortgage payment. If we can afford the Torrent, and we want it, why shouldn’t we buy it? He thinks it’s a great SUV, and it has a lot of very good features… but oh no, it’s too expensive! :soob: Why can’t we make our own decisions? Bob wants us to buy a honda, but carseats don’t fit in Hondas unless you keep the passenger seat all the way forward. I have no desire to ride in a car with my knees pressed into the dash! Whatever.

After that (whew! A bit of a rant there!), we went to Nicole’s parent’s place for Sandy’s birthday. It was great – they had about 60 people out (drop in, throughout the afternoon), then we went to visit with Jenn and Dan (they were in the neighbourhood). Jenn showed me a new game, Cake Mania. It was fun until Rob took over and wouldn’t let me play any more. Oh well… I’ll just have to download it and play it all the time without telling him! :jester: After that, we went back to Sandy & Larry’s to meet up with Curtis and Nicole. We went to McDonalds (and I ate too much) for something to eat, and Nicole and I went back to her place to watch Mean Girls. I usually hate Lindsay Lohan as a rule, but she wasn’t too bad in this movie. She actually looked quite pretty and put together. It’s too bad that she went so far downhill. Oh, and I’ll note here that I HATE her music. Anyway, I slept all the way home that night, then passed out into bed.

Sunday morning brought an early awakening and an argument. Of course. We were running behind (as usual) and Rob got really mad, and started to slam doors and act sharply. I hate it when he does this, and told him that he must stop doing it. There is going to come a day when he picks something up violently and it accidentally smashes into a toddlers face instead of into the cat, and that child isn’t going to understand that it was an accident and that daddy didn’t mean to do it. We got passed that part of the morning, and I got to spend a lovely amount of time with Nicole. We went to the Zado’s cabin on Lake Lac Lanone, which was an awesome time. Nicole and I went canoeing for about two hours, which involved suntanning, jumping out of the canoe and getting back in without capsising, and following the huge flock of geese around the lake. We also saw pelicans, and some weird looking gulls. After that, I decided that I was brave enough to go in the speed boat (*gulp!*), and even went in the tube. This is a huge step for me, and I screamed the entire time I was in the tube, but it was fun. I loved riding in the boat, so that was great. We had a great meal out there, and a lot of fun just hanging out. I did manage to completely crispify my sholders, arms and face. It is very painful, and I’m hoping that it will bronze up quite nicely.

We only have two weeks to go before Anaheim! I can’t believe it, it scares me just a little. Oh well. I am sure that it will all work out, and that it will be fun.

I’m meeting up with Nicole and Cherise tonight to go see The Devil Wears Prada, and to do a little shopping. I’m going to pick up some Crocs. I know that they are pretty ugly, and that they shouldn’t be a work shoe. I’m aware that they are incredibly casual, and really… not even cool to hang out in. HOWEVER, I have not worn a more comfortable pair of shoes in my life, and I am going to be spending 10 days on my feet in California, and blisters are not an option. I am also going to buy a really cool one piece bathing suit from La Vie En Rose (if they still have it), and then possibly some shorts if I can find some that I like. I am concerned that I am going to be too warm in Anaheim, as the temperature has been about 30-35 C everyday.

All right, I should get some stuff done. Toodles!