Green and Black's Part II

I went grocery shopping last night at our beautiful Save On Foods. As I walked past the Green and Black’s display, I couldn’t stop my hand! It reached out and grabbed a chocolate bar! This time, however, I chose the Maya Gold.

Green and Black’s says this about it:
The first UK product to be awarded with the Fairtrade Mark back in 1994. Traditionally the Maya Indians in southern Belize flavoured their cocoa with spices. We recapture this by blending rich, dark chocolate with a refreshing twist of orange that is perfectly balanced by the warmth of cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of vanilla. Available in 100g and 35g bars.


The outside, as expected, was quite lovely. I am always rather impresed by the shiney but matt finish of the wrapper. I like the logo. I like the coloured band at the top with the name of the flavour across the top. I enjoy the texture of the wrapper and heaviness of it.

I was disappointed this time because there was no writting inside the wrapper. I expected it because the last one I got had that. I have read the story before, but I felt like it was just that much more interesting, that much more… rich, like a luxury bar (which it is). So that was cheezy. It was still in it’s gold foil wrapper with the logo printed on that.


There was no cardboard piece inside the gold wrapper this time, assumably because there were no “pockets” to crush. I love the gold wrapper, as it makes it feel really special. Great marketing there!


Because my last bar had the little leaf imprinted on all the sections of chocolate, I was disappointed to find that this one only had the little bars of a boring and plain old chocolate mould. I liked that it was cut up into a lot of pieces, as the flavour is very intense, and I wouldn’t have wanted to put much more in your mouth at one time.

The flavour is very good. Dark chocolate, real orange liquere type flavour and spices. I thought it was pepper, a girl friend told me that it tasted like ginger, and the Green & Black’s website says nutmeg and cinnamon. So you pick your chose. It is quite good. It takes a while to melt in your mouth, so some may like that more than others. I like it because I don’t have to eat as much to feel satisfied.

What I enjoyed the most about this chocolate bar is that it lasted for more that 15 minutes. I ate a few pieces last night, and I am enjoying the rest of it over today.

I am quite pleased with the overall quality, flavour and mouth-feel of Green and Black’s chocolate. If you have the chance to pick some up, I heartily recommend it!