I don’t really feel like updating, but I will anyway.  Just because I love you.

 Friday was a bust, as I came in to work, went to my massage appointment, then off to youth group.  Mini golf was ok, and I fell asleep 10 minutes into the Goonies during our sleepover.  Sorry!

Saturday we went to Wabamun Lake, which is safe to swim in, by the way.  We had a lot of fun and got quite sun burned, so that was great.  The lake wasn’t that nice for swimming… smelled like cow poo and had weird floaty bugs and stuff.  After that, we went to worship band practice, and then went to the fireworks with Nicole, Curtis, Jeff, Cherise, Ryan and Luke.  It was fun, and the fireworks were good, but I forgot how much I hate public drunkenness.  I was feeling cranky and irritated at my allergies and at the stupid people by the time we got back to the car.

Sunday we went to church, then the Legeslative Grounds for a picnic with Rob’s family.  I went swimming in the wading pool… too bad I didn’t bring my bathing suit!!!  After I dried off a bit, we went on a free tour of the Leg building, which was pretty neat.  Sunday night we stayed home and did nothing!

On Monday, we went shopping and I bought a pair of shorts, and 6 new tops, all really long and stackable!  I am quite excited about this.  I still need a couple different pairs of shorts for Anaheim, so I’ll still be looking, but I’m set for tops.  We also went to Arron’s for dinner.  So good food!  I also got to meet the lovely Lisa, as well as Max and Cassie.  I had a great time.

 I’m back at work today (Tues), after a stop at the Medicenter.  I thought that I was getting an ear infection, but the doctor said that my ears look great.  *sigh*  He thought that I was having the pain from my jaw, and it just feels like it’s in my ear.  Shirzad, a lady I work with, is having the same symptoms I am, and her doctor friend seems to think that it’s all a virus that’s going around.  It can apparently last up to 5 months or something!!!  I hope not!!!

All right, end of the day.  I’m off to a Star Shooter party (whoo hoo!), and then home to bed!