Green and Blacks Mint Chocolate

Tonight we went to the new Save On Foods (an Overweightea company) by our house. I love new grocery stores because they tend to bring in new items, and because they are usually well stocked and clean. I was not dissapointed. Not only did I find Catus (!!!) in the produce section, I also happened to stumble across Green and Blacks organic, fair trade chocolate.

Now, those of you from Kelley Armstrong know just how much the people from England rave about this chocolate. Green and Black’s chocolate is fair trade and organic, so it is basically guilt free (minus the fat in one bar, and all that good stuff).

I was very excited to see the bars, and so I took a full two minutes to chose what flavour I was going to try. They all seemed so good, but due to my undying love of After Eight’s, I thought that I would try the mint bar (other selections were Hazelnut and Currants, Milk, Dark, Orange and Spice, and Almond).

I was very excited to get it home, and had to wait to partake of it until after all the groceries were unloaded, and the veggies all ready for the week. So it sat very patiently and gloriously on the counter until I was done.

Front of the package

I made sure to look at all of the packaging and savour every part.

Back of the package (sorry this picture is blurry)
You’ll notice the white sticker – this is common for imports who do not have French on the package, we end up with a French sticker covering over the English part!

I unwrapped the paper wraping and discovered that the interior was printed on. Also (not pictured), there was a thick piece of card that covered the “bumps” in the chocolate, I assume to prevent them from breaking.



I especially like the gold wrapper, which is sealed to keep in the freshness, by the way. But I couldn’t wait to open it! Yay! Chocolate!


I must commend Green and Black’s on their beautiful chocolate. It was shiney, but not fake, and the Leaf logo is quite beautiful.

I cut it in half to show you what it looked like inside, and I will note that this is not the crappy After Eight mint that I am used to. Oh no, this is much more like a mint liquere (but not). It is not too sweet, but not bitter either.


I really like how this chocolate sits in my mouth. I can (and probably will) eat the entire bar because it is not too sweet, and it is a very smooth, lovely bar of chocolate. Yum!

Sooo… instead of sitting here talking about it, I am going to eat it.