Timmies… mmmm… good…

We had a “scary movie” marathon last night. We watched The Saw, The Saw II, and Dark Water. I was dissapointed by the scariness in all of them. Dark Water was the one that made me jump the most. The Saw’s were interesting, but not really worth my time. The Cube was a much better movie for that kind of thing.

So, our discussions have been thus lately: I am thinking that being on birth control for 6 years might be what is causing/intensifying my depression. I am thinking that I am going to stop using the hoola hoop of love, and then ween of my anti-depressants to get back to “normal” hormone/chemical balances in my body and see what it does. I haven’t been off the pill for any amount of time(more than a month or two) in 6 years. I think that may have an effect on me. I know that I can’t quit my meds just like that, it has to be a weening process, but I am going to do it. I am hoping and praying that this will be a good solution for us – that I’ll be able feel “normal” again, and learn to work out my problems through better means then hiding within something. As for the prevention of babies, we’re going to practice the rythym method with condoms close to (or during) that fertile time period. Rob is ok if we get pregnant, although it’s definitely NOT what he wants right now. I would be thrilled to be pregnant (see how quickly this changes, Leena?). Very dissapointed to see that I had I started my cycle this morning.

To be honest, two of my closest girl friends in town are both off the pill. One is not trying to get pregnant, and we think the other is. We all want to go through this together, as we all know that kids change your relationship with people that don’t have them. I’m not trying to trick Rob into pregnancy, as that’s not something that I want to do to him… but I do want us (as a couple) to be close to a place where our other couple friends are.

Anyway. What do you guys think of this. Is it a really really bad idea? Am I being superficial (and very likely hormone charged) by wanting to be in similar situations as my friends?

We’ve decided to give the rythym method a try, and to ween of the ad’s to see if that helps, but Rob wants me to see what my friends think. So. What do you think?