Pink Post-it Notes

Arron brought me back more soap from a very expensive hotel. Hurrah for hotel soap! I’ll have to either start collecting it, or using it! 🙂 I like it that she brings me little cheap things! It’s awesome.

I didn’t work out this morning. I was very tired and very grumpy, and didn’t want to. So I didn’t. Which is bad, because I had McDonalds for dinner last night, and then a Brownie Earthquake from Dairy Queen. I definitely went to bed with a belly ache. Things still aren’t right in my degestive system, so we’ll see how this all pans out. I’m starting to wonder if other things aren’t afoot.

I finished reading The Colour of Magic yesterday. I’ll review it during lunch. I wasn’t overly impressed by it. It was clever, but not laugh out loud hilarious. Maybe I just didn’t get all the jokes, and I’m hoping that the series will improve.

I’m not sure what I am going to read next…

We had an IYC meeting at church last night. It was pretty good, it seems that the parents and us (the leaders) are pretty well on the same page. We had a good laugh about some of my rules (which the parents agreed were reasonable – ie. bedtime, buddie groups, etc).

Holy crap! It’s June 1! I’ve got stuff to do!