Wheezey McWheezerton

I tried to do my Cardio Burst exercise this morning, but I ended up wheezing so bad I had to stop. It doesn’t happen when I am at the gym, so maybe I didn’t warm up enough, or I was going too hard. I tried skipping, but my jump rope is a wee bit too long (didn’t have shoes on – probably would have helped). So I decided to go up and down one stair – you know what I mean… right foot on stair, left foot on stair, right foot on floor, left foot on floor… So I did about 5 minutes of that and then died. Instead, I jumped on Rob, and committed to taking the stairs today. So I know that totally bored you, and I’ll find something more fun to talk about.

I am presently reading three books, and Carolyn, you’ll be proud of me – two of them are non fiction. Yep, I know. It’s crazy. I am presently reading (in no particular order): How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Ultimate Weight Solution, and The Colour of Magic. The last, of course, being the fiction. It’s going pretty well, but I find that I don’t have enough time to read all of them at once! 🙂 They’re all different kinds of reading, so it’s all good. I’ve got to get another chapter done in the first one tonight, before I forget what all my coloured highlighters and flags mean! Being a business related book, I’m trying a new method of reading – highlight and flag the most important stuff (different colours for different things, ie. life lessons, financial info, sales, etc.) so I can find it again if I need to review or reference something. It allows me to re-read without all the… well… reading. The Colour of Magic is my pleasure read… what I read at work on my lunch break. My downtime for my brain. I am reading the Dr. Phil book because it is interesting, and I do a lot of emotional eating, that I would prefer not to do.

Speaking of eating, I have been sticking pretty close to the Meal Plan that I’ve adopted (for one month), but I am soooo hungry all the time. Last night I had to eat right before bed because I felt so sick to my stomach from being hungry. Is this normal? What kinds of veggies make you feel full? I don’t want to substitute other carbs and stuff in, as veggies are supposed to be the free for all… but on the other hand, I don’t want to only eat vegetables. Carolyn, any tips? I’m eating good dinners, too. Last night I had a large piece of fish, about two cups of broccoli, some raw tomato and cucumber slices, and a small amount of couscous. I was starving by 9, so I had some bakes tostitos and fat free sour cream. By 11, I was curled up in bed with hungry tummy pain, so I had a low fat cheese string. It was enough to get the edge off, but I still woke up hungry hungry hungry. And I’ve been eating breakfast – today I had a hard boiled egg, small serving of oatmeal (ran out of time for a larger serving), and a cup of cut up mango, and a cup of coffee. Bah.

I got my Mary Kay order last night *squeals* I’m very excited because I got my second consistancy bonus which includes: A custom compact, three eye shadows (Lucky Penny, Moonstone, Hazelnut), a blush (Sunny Spice), a lip liner (Metallic), an eye liner (Bronze), lipstick (Shell) and a lipgloss (Cream and Sugar). This is great because I didn’t have very many of those things, and what I do have can just go back into inventory. I also bought myself quite a few things, as I had some extra money to put towards me this month. I got several new lipstick shades (I’m tired of wearing Apricot Glaze or Amber Suede all the time, so I got some similar colours), some new eyeshadows (I love Storm, Lagoon and Jade!), a cream to powder foundation (I’m not completely in love yet. We’ll see), a concealer, oil mattifier, a colour pallet (holds about three four lipsticks, two foundations, and 16 eye colours or 8 blushes), a Glam case (soooo cute!) which I think I am going to give away, and a bunch of other things. Deanna… what foundation colour are you again? I bought a highlighting pen that might be too light. Maybe we could trade? So now that I have a bunch of new things to play with, I have GOT to work my business. Go Kait Go!

Things with Rob have been good lately, so not much to report there. Work is fine as well. I guess I’m just really boring today! 🙂