Ok, Enough Already!

I’m a wee bit peeved after listening to the news this morning. Apparently there were several bonfires, broken windows and numerous arrests down on Whyte Ave Saturday night. How stupid do you want to make our city look? Seriously! Go, have a good time, get rowdy and honk your horns, high-five everyone you see, but could you please refrain from doing damage to private business (and public areas for that matter)?!? Arrrggghh!!!

I’m not one to go down and join the festivities. That many people in one place makes me nervous, and you don’t know what’s going to happen… which is not my thing. But it irritates me that a small number of knuckleheads want to ruin it for everyone else who wants to!

I guess I just don’t want to live in the “riot” city. Plus, the Red Mile is incredibly stupid, and we all made fun of Calgary for that. Aren’t we just doing the same thing? *sigh*

[side note: I saw a video on UTube or whatever of the flashing girls who were hoisted in a shopping cart, then fell down when they got hit by fire works? Pretty funny… it was a back view, so there was no boobage action.]


On a completely unrealted note, I did not go to the gym this morning. However, I did work out for half an hour using my Robert Reames book and my resistance band. I’ve really got to get one with handles! Tomorrow, I shall run up and down the stairs for half an hour. Rob is going to love it (ha ha ha). It’s not worth my time to drive to the gym and stuff to work out for half an hour. I just can’t be bothered. I used to think that I wouldn’t work out if I had the equipment at home, but some days I think that I am more motivated to go down the stairs then to get up an extra hour and a half early to go to the gym.

Today is the first day of my new eating plan. I am cheating all ready, but only with my coffee. I have two cups in the morning instead of one, but I’m making it weaker, so it’s like having one strong cup (I’m telling myself this).