I've been up for 3 hours

Well, I did it. I almost stayed in bed this morning, but I shockingly managed to drag my butt out of bed. I did happen to sit against the wall for five minutes with two cats fighting over my lap. If they are going to be that affectionate every morning, I’m going to start getting up first all the time! I did manage to accidentally set Rob’s alarm for 7 pm, and thus making him sleep in. He probably needed it, though.

The gym was pretty empty this morning, which was great. I got to use my choice of machines. Who knew that the gym was so empty at 6 am? I really honestly thought it would be busier. When I left there were way more people, but I guess that I’m just used to the after work rush. I’ll never go back there in the evening!

I did a half hour of cardio, then a half hour of stretches and stomach/back exercises. Tomorrow, I’ll work on my arms or something. I’m not going there to spend hours and hours working out. I’m not looking for a perfectly sculpted body, but I do want a good heart workout (from the cardio) and the rest is just gravy. If I burn fat/lose weight/whatever in the mean time, it’s not a big deal.

I bought myself a weight protein booster juice. I just needed something to pick me up after being at the gym. I also have my coffee, but I was hungry. On the way to Club Fit, I did have some fruit mixed with Bran Buds. It was pretty good, but not very filling. I had a chance to do some more magazine browsing, which I love to do. Tomorrow, I shall read Shape, because it’s a nice big magazine (without any perfume samples with make it not lay flat… stinking LouLou!).

Grams passed away last night. I’m a little sad, but not too terribly bad. We knew it was coming. When we visited her in the hospital on Sunday, it was day 4 of not eating. Grams had cancer in both of her kidneys, and has lived with Polio for nearly 60 years. She’s had a long life, and I honestly didn’t expect her to live so long. If she didn’t have Polio, I am certain that she would have lived much, much longer (she would have been able to have the cancer treated – it wasn’t too far along, but the chemo would have devistated her in her present condition). I’m glad that she got to go Home, though, as she’s been wanting to do.

That’s all for news. Oh, and the Oilers won last night! Now they just have to win tomorrow night, and we’ll have a spot in the finals! Whoo hoo!!!