Game Face

Another night of hard-hitting action here in Edmonton. I can’t wait to watch the game – we are going to rock home ice. I hope that we beat down the Ducks in the next two games to move on to the Finals. Even if we don’t win the cup, it will be awesome to get to the end. I really really really hope that the flu doesn’t hit the rest of the team. We are going to be in trouble if Horcoff and Jason are out for this game… But as long as Peca plays, I’m a happy camper. 37 is a lucky number! I washed my jersy last night… hope it doesn’t throw off the series! EEEEK!

Things are good around here. Rob and I have been slipping back into us each doing our own things in the evening, but we’re keeping up our date nights, and we’re trying to spend more time together watching movies, or whatever. It’s all a matter of effort.

We went to Walmart yesterday… I bought Mulan, Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland! Whoo hoo! I am slowly but surely building my Disney library. I don’t want all of the movies, but I do want the ones that I want! I also have Cinderella and the Lady and the Tramp. I also got a new pair of shoes, some coffee filters and a new tray for our cutlery drawer… because we got new cutlery! Yay! I am very excited. It is the Data series from Ikea. It’s heavy, and similar to a set that we had seen in OPM (a restaraunt). It cost only $10 per place setting, and that is a pretty amazing price, considering most Oneida sets start around $30 a place setting (from the Bay, anyway). There aren’t any matching serving utencils, but that’s ok. It’s pretty non descript, minus the funny shaped spoons… and the big spoons are stinking huge!

I gave our five business cards this weekend! Go me! I feel like it didn’t do anything, but Karen told me to do it, so I did.

Well, coffee break is over so I should get back to work…