Coffee In Hand

I’ve decided that I must be addicted to coffee… even if it’s just psycologically. I feel soooo grumpy until I’ve had my coffee, and it totally shows. It could very well be a result of a lack of self control, but there you go. Let me tell you, that I definitely try not to miss my morning dose. I am going to complain about the creamer that I got. I usually buy the International Coffee creamer, in Vanilla Carmel Toffee (I think, it’s purple), but it’s $3.00 for a smallish sized bottle, so I thought I would change to Irish Cream, which comes in a large bottle for $4.00. I don’t like the Irish Cream one as well as the Toffee… so now it’s not as good. Boo… However, I’ve switched to organically grown and processed sugar (from sugar cane) and I quite like it. It’s a slightly different flavour, and you can buy it in bulk. It’s not quite as fine as regular sugar, but I supposed that if I wanted it fine, I could grind it with my mortar and pestle. Or put it in the blender. *shrugs*

My friend Arron got back from Florida today. She’s been visiting with her dad (he’s sick). She brought back some lovely hotel soap (yay for free stuff!), and a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! Sweet! Except that I am afraid to eat them, so they are still in their box. They added two new flavours – Bacon and Rotten Egg. Ew. For those of you unfamiliar with the Harry Potter thing, they get strange flavoured jelly beans, like vomit, ear wax, etc. So Jelly Belly must have entered into a contract with JK Rowling (or whoever owns HP these days) to produce them. I actually like the grass flavoured beans.

I watched the hockey game on TV last night. I can’t believe how many Shark fans left before the hockey game was done! Seriously, what wimps. We did kick their asses, 6-3. I hope that we win again on Wednesday, the city will go balistic. Rob decided he wanted to cruise Whyte Ave last night. Let’s just say that we made it from 114 street to 109 street, where he decided to turn off because it was getting jammed. I couldn’t believe how many people were heading there, so close to midnight on a Sunday night! We weren’t even on the main strip – we couldn’t get close enough without ending up in a traffic jam. So we decided to go home instead. Which was fine, as I stopped cruising Whyte in my very early 20’s. I just don’t understand it. Oh well. Apparently the place to be is in the Starbucks in Chapters, as it is on the second floor in the hub of where the action is. *shrugs* This is just coming from my brother who likes to watch but not participate, which is fine by me.

Mom’s cat MC is doing better. Apparently, she has/had fatty liver disease, which causes the cat to become anorexic until she dies, unless she gets help. The vet put her on an IV for the day, and some meds (don’t know what). He figures that it happened because she was on the steroids for so long (to keep her from licking/chewing all her hair off). Mom and Mark had made the collective decision to take her off the steroids and lett her lick all her hair off if that was her choice, and that the meds were too expensive, and doing too much damage. She’s actually not been licking/chewing lately, so she’s only got one bald spot on her leg (in the past, she’s removed all the hair from her belly and legs). She’s better, but still isn’t too active, poor girl!

Nybbles goes for the Big Snip on Friday! I can’t believe that she’s five months old already! She’s getting all grown up *sniff sniff*

Anyway, that’s it for me, for now. I’m doing better with my piano playing, but still not fabulous. I practice everyday (even just for five minutes) and it seems to be helping. I’ve started a new song, while continuing to play the old one (as I’ve managed to get both hands working now) and I like the new one, as it’s in a minor key and sounds cool. It’s cut time, though, and I know that I’m playing it dreadfully slow. It’ll get faster over time, I am sure.

Oh, I remember what I was going to say. I switched my Celexa to night time, and I don’t feel nearly as tired during the day. Still tired, but not exhausted like I was before. So, yay, I think!