How is it that in only 5 years of practice, nearly all my technical piano skills have left me? I went and picked out a Grade One Royal Conservatory book set – Workbook, Repetoir (sp?) and Studies/Etudes book. I set out to learn/play my first song, and may I mention that I suck? Seriously! However, in one hour I did learn a 20 measure song (3/4 time) to some degree. It is by no means flawless, but I can fairly well keep the beat and keep some sense of semblance. *sigh* I thought that it was going to be easier to pick up than this. I’m not going to give up though. I can’t wait to learn the whole book backwards and forwards, then take my first exam! Whoo hoo! I know that’s going to be nerve-wracking, and somewhat not necessary (for the first four grades, anyway), but I figure that I might as well get used to the experience, so when I hit grade five I don’t freak out and get all intimidated.

Life has been very quiet this week, at home anyway. Work has been very stressful and busy. I have only had one Mary Kay appointment, and that was ok with me, as I was sick, and just plain old tired. I forgot how a stressful job can just take all the energy right out of me! I survived, though. I hope that we’ll be able to get more accomplished, and less… I don’t know… fought about?

Nybbles has been getting into everything. It’s really frustrating, but kind of funny. Presently, she is scared poopless of the piano. She doesn’t mind sitting on my lap while I’m doing theory, or being near it when it’s quiet, but as soon as I start playing, she heads for the hills. It’s hilarious. I am sure that she will get used to it.

All right, time to go finish mastering that song!