Whoo Hoo!

Tonight is our Star Shooter Party! I am very excited, as this is the first of many parties that I will be attending. I think that it will help build excitement and momentum towards being a Star Consultant, and will hopefully bring more people out to our Star Consultant Dinners. I had a really good time at the last one, and can’t wait for the next (all the way in July!).

Karen has challenged me to get two recruits in the next two days! Yikes! I am going to really try, though. We’ll see. I want to go to the Red Jacket Training thing at Gloria’s house! I can’t even imagine what her home must look like. Do you think it’s pink?

Tomorrow night is our makeup night! Very exciting! Karen’s going to do a bunch of how to’s, showing the best way to apply makeup and all that! Anyone who signs up tomorrow night gets a free ring, and they’re pretty nice. I wish I could sign up again to get a free ring! 🙂 I’ll just have to bring three guests instead!