It's Snowing

I’m serious! I hate Edmonton weather. It’s doing the sideways snow, that would be rain if it wasn’t so cold. *sigh* I think that I just about got blown into the car this morning – it was not fun! Oh well.

Wow, it’s Our Lady Peace tonight at Rexall! I’m so super duper excited. I am having the busiest week, but I love it. Tonight it’s OLP, tomorrow, I have a 5:30 facial, then my Star Shooter’s party (apparently, I am wearing a red sock puppet named Deanna, so she gets to be there too), Thursday night I have to go straight from work to my table at church for the garage sale, then to the MK meeting, and Friday afternoon is the garage sale and then youth group that night! I’m driving out to Camrose on Saturday, and Sunday is a Close to My Heart Party! Fantastic, eh? I don’t mind being busy, I just have a lot of movies to watch.

I started Sugar and Spice (the cheesy cheerleading movie) last night. It’s soooo campy! I’m kind of enjoying it in all it’s bright eye’d bushy tailed glory. Crazy cheerleaders!

Hmmmm… What else to write about. Ooh! Shannon and I kind of made up. Well, we’re going to start chatting on Tabulas, and see where that goes. I’m not expecting best-friendship from her, but maybe we’ll be able to be in same room as each other and not be uncomfortable! 🙂

I’m still reading A Telling of Stars. It is interesting, but just not… I don’t know. What I wanted? I have to keep reading it, but to be honest, the girl character bugs me. I don’t know why.

Hmm… I think that’s all I’ve got. Nybbles has been so interested in the shower lately, but not brave enough to get too wet! She’s pretty cute, even though I wanted to kill her last night. I was trying to fall asleep, and she wouldn’t stop playing on the bed! Grrrr!!! but it was pretty cute because she ended up sleeping with me! 🙂