Pretty in Pink

Well, another weekend down. I can’t believe how fast time seems to go. I also can’t believe how incredibly old I feel when I say things like that!

On Friday, I went out on a mission – to complete my scavenger hunt, and to beat Renata into the ground. I failed miserably. *sigh* I had such a hard time talking to people! It felt like every time I mentioned Mary Kay to people, they always said that they weren’t interested, or that it made them break out. I think that I got discouraged very early on, and it made it harder for the rest of the day. I did, however, get a lot of shopping done, and I found a bunch of cute clips for my hair. Hurrah for cute clips that actually work! I find that most clips don’t have enough room in them for all my hair, or if they do, they are the wrong shape for my head (don’t ask me what I mean, I just mean that they don’t stay in… like they’re straight and my head is curved, or something). So I got four or five clips that are awesome, and that I love to DEATH. They were on for half price, too. I also got a hair cut on Friday, and if I hadn’t just spent $50 on hair clips, I probably would have got it all chopped off. There were three girls at the salon with incredibly cute pixie hair, and I wanted it! I still want it, but I knew that Rob would KILL me. I just love all the cute short hair cuts that are around. Anyway, mine is just more layered and thinned out along the sides. I got an inch taken off the longest part, so it’s a little shorter but not too much. I found a hair straightener that I really want, but it’s $150 (I think). It’s so cool… it curls and straightens, and all that good stuff. I’m in love, but it’s an awful lot of money for a hair appliance. *sigh* Friday night I watched tv, and did my cooking prep for Saturday. Our friend Curtis came over, and he and Rob overtook the TV.

Saturday I was supposed to have a facial for a client, but she had to cancel. Bah. Frustrating. Oh well. She is going to reschedule, so hopefully this time the appointment will actually happen. My appointment for tonight rescheduled as well, but it’s because that client ended up getting tickets to the hockey game. I have no problem with that! 🙂 Instead, I slept late, lounged around, took my time getting the house ready. I also started to watch Pretty in Pink. I love Molly Ringwald. What ever happened to Molly and her red hair? Well, according to IMBD, she’s been doing bit parts in lots of different TV shows. Anyway, I snuggled with the cats, then had Candice and Matthew over for supper. We had a pretty good time, and I am finding them quite enjoyable company. After they left, I finished up Pretty in Pink, and watched some of Dr. Phil. I have a lot of movies that I’ve recorded from TV that I have to catch up on, so I’m planning on doing just that. Maybe I’ll get another movie or two done tonight!

Sunday was pretty relaxing – we went to church (albeit far too early), came home after lunch and I had a nap. After I got up, we went to go get groceries and run a few errands. Whoo hoo, errands! We had a nice time shopping for groceries, even though we spent about $50 more than normal. Save on Foods has a bulk section that Sobey’s does not, so we stocked up on a few things like drink boxes, etc. We also bought quite a few organic selections, as I’m curious about organics, due to my project at work. After we came home from grocery shopping, we put stuff away, I chatted with Hana, did some laundry, and watched some more TV. Specifically, Veronica Mars. I am very behind in my VM watching. I have only just finished episode 14. I know that’s a million miles ago, but there you go.

So here I am. At work. I am looking forward to a busy day, and then a relaxing evening!