Eating Crow

So I talked pretty big at the Mary Kay meeting tonight… so now I’m in a race with Renada to see who can finish the random person scavenger hunt. I said I would have it done by Friday night, so if you see a crazy and derranged lady at walmart tomorrow randomly chasing people down screaming “I just want your name and number”, that would be me. *sigh* I have got to learn to keep my mouth shut. Oh well, if I get a few booking out of it, well, go me.

I’m a little short of my $300/week goal, so I’m going to have to beef up the sales this week. I have a good idea of who I’m going to talk to, I have a few mothers day ideas, and hopefully the people will bite! I’ll have to check what’s in stock, first. Can’t sell out of an empty wagon, afterall!

I’m really anxious to make my next $600 order. I don’t want to lose momentum, plus this is my big bonus, the custom compact bonus. I’m a little worried, even though I know that I have tonnes of bookings.

I won the Queen of Sales title for this week! Yay! That means that I got to wear a boa and a tiara for the meeting, and I got to take home the HUGE pink diamond ring (not real, of course) to wear for the week! Yay! Also, I can’t believe how many sassy bucks I’m racking up. Seriously! D – make sure that you do your Career Essentials and hand in your vouchers. You’ll be sure to get an awesome prize that way! Find it here! Also, if you need help organizing yourself in regards to your paperwork and stuff, let me know. I’m ace at that type of stuff, and I’m all set, so I’ve got some good resources – and chances are, I know where to find it cheapest! 🙂

All right, I’ve got real work to do, so I’m outie! (ha ha ha!)