Rider's First Call by Kristin Britain

Yesterday, I spent so much time reading that my left wrist began to hurt from holding the book up, and from the repetative page turning. But, I finished Rider’s First Call. It was very intense.

For those of you who haven’t read Green Rider yet, what are you waiting for? The book was fantastic, and the second book did not dissapoint. Ms. Britain definitely rose to my expectations and delivered a book that was full of action, character growth, and a fantastic set up for the next book.

Karigan is a Green Rider who wants nothing more than to be what she was born to be – heir of her father’s merchant clan, dealing in textiles her whole life. Her fate was irrevokably changed when she stumbled on F’rey Colbrey (I think that was his name) in the forest, while fleeing her school. His death caused her to pick up, and be accepted by, his Rider brooch. She delivered the message, and decided to head home to her father. She lived with him, doing his work and ignoring the Rider Call until she found herself several towns over, on the back of her horse in her night gown. At that point, she accepted the call.

Strange things have started to happen, since the Elt make the crack in the D’yer wall. Forest clearings, and people on the road have been turned to stone. The wild magic that was kept at bay is leaking out. Worse yet, Rider magic is starting to fail. When the Captain is taken out of commission, the responsibility falls on Karigan and she rises to the challenge. Not only does she have to contend with all the regular paperwork and advising the King, she also starts to get visits from the dead First Rider, Lil. With that, she starts to travel through time, seeing what happened from the beginning of the Long War.

I am not going to go into any more detail – it will spoil the rest of the story. I have to say that this is a well crafted story, full of adventure, heartache and desire for things unattainable. I’m not sure that there was a thing in this story that I didn’t like. The characters were sound, the plot was tight, and the entire situation felt real.

I would recommend this book for everyone who is aged 13 and up. There is no sex, and no profanity. The violence is not graphic, although there is mention of blood and fighting. There are some parts that may be frightening to some readers, as it does deal with ghosts, and “evil” beings/people/etc.