My finger hurts

… and I don’t know why, so this will be a short post.

I made two cassaroles tonight and a fruit crisp for a friend who recently had a late term miscarriage. We’re getting a bunch of people at work to make them, and we’ll take them over Friday. I hope that her family likes what I made – I’d hate to put all that effort in and find out that they don’t like cheese…

I’ve also been doing butt loads of laundry, but haven’t got around to folding it yet – story of my life.

Right now I’m working on my Mary Kay stuff… doing some trainingl which is actually rather fun.

Well, another 30 days until I’m done this round of facials, and I don’t have any appointments booked yet! Grrrr! I’ll get it done, no worries. Besides, I don’t have much for supplies right now, I’m hoping that my order will get here soon. Speaking of which, I have got to look into my CTMH order ASAP!!!