My weekend on the fly

*Did some shopping with Rob, got a new suit, office supplies, etc.
*Went to Youth Group

*Did a makeover for Deb in the morning
*Cut out lots of paper for my workshop
*Went to the all church birthday party
*Had Nicole and Curtis over for a few MarioKart rounds

*Went to church
*Ate and dashed at the potluck after church
*Had mom over for the afternoon to work on our workshop
*Stopped at Walmart to pick up nylons (already ruined the other ones)
*Had dinner and games with Candice, Matthew, and their friend John (from Candice’s baking program).

We had a really nice time with Candice and Matthew. Matthew really reminds us of Craig, so they must have spent some time together! We don’t have a great feeling of what their interests are, but we enjoyed their company, and can’t wait to have them over to our house. We ended up playing Settlers of Catan for three hours – we were there until nearly midnight! So we’re both very tired today, but we had a lot of fun. Candice is very nice, and she can really cook! Maybe I just need to be more adventurous! I loved their bunny, Katya. Their other bunny passed away last week. I feel so bad for them! I would have been so sad. Katya was very social with us (which is strange for her, apparently) and wandered around licking our fingers and sniffing us. She is really a spendid pet, and if I didn’t have cats, I think I would get a rabbit. She is a house-pet, and wanders around the house when they’re home (she sleeps in her cage, and is caged when they go out so she doesn’t chew things up).

Well, that’s about it!!!