Home Today

I’m home sick today. I have a doctors appointment later this afternoon, so a good day to not feel well, eh? My allergies have been really bugging me, and I can’t take any antihistamines due to drug interactions. *sigh* Plus, I’m almost out of my AD’s, so I’ve got to get a drug renewal, and I’m not completely happy with how tired they make me. Not a great feeling.

I had a lady call me yesterday out of the blue about signing up under CTMH! Shocking. I’m going to see if she’ll let me show her my MK business plan too, as I honestly think that it’s a better company to work for due to discounts, start up fees, etc.

Hmmmm… not much else to tell you right now. I’m pretty happy otherwise, things are really good.

Ok, I’ve got to go blow my nose again, and make a couple of phone calls… so I’ll post again later.