For the love

You know, I really hate it when people I know get upset about stuff I write on here, and then procede to tell others about it! How silly is that? If you don’t want me to put your real name on here, well, I am sorry. I guess I’ll stop using real names or talking about personal things. That’s just silly, though. It’s my life, my blog, my freaking diary.

I only have a handful of friends who read it. Maybe a few extra older friends from my KA days, but that’s about it. I guess someone who’s stalking them might find out about me, and thus track me down and then them down by association (wtf?). I don’t know. I feel bad, because I don’t want people to be upset with me… but still. *sigh* I almost want to post a big rant about it so they can read it and feel dumb.

I’m more upset that they’re so “concerned” about my reading choices, and thus have to take Rob to lunch and tell him about how concerned they are! I know that they don’t approve of Harry Potter, and thus they will not approve of anything else I read, so I’m not too concerned about that. I understand their concern about what I’m putting into my head, but understand that it is my head. I wouldn’t tell them to read what I like because they don’t like that kind of stuff. I’m aware of that. My decisions on what I read only affect me. If I change what I believe and how I act, I can totally understand why they would be upset… but it’s not. It’s just really frustrating me, moreso that they felt that they had to talk to Rob about it, like he’s my parent and is going to take my books away. I just get so frustrated that people decide to take their problems about me to other people instead of to me. I’m not that scarey, am I? I am stubborn, I admit that, but I’m not mean and nasty, and the worst I will do is glaze over while they’re talking or shrug them off.

Why can’t people just accept that I am going to read what I chose?