Well, it is Saturday evening, and I finally have time for a breather. Thank goodness. I still have a few things to get done, but it’ll be ok. I’ve just got to cut stuff out for the cards we are making tomorrow, and that’s it. Then I have the rest of the night off.

Last night went pretty well. We made about 36 dozen cookies, and it was soooo much fun. We had a really good time! The kids got to eat a lot of cookies, and take some home, and we’re giving a bunch away. It’ll be good.

Today I had my debut/ribbon cutting ceremony/coming out party. It was a lot of fun, and I had about seven women come. I am really pleased with the turn out, as I thought much less would show up. Yay! Nybbles was very scared by so many people being in the house at one time, but she’s ok now, all cuddled up in my lap. Sooooo cute! I did make a few sales, so hopefully I’ll make a bunch more in the next couple of weeks so I can afford to buy a goodly amount of stuff to keep up my consistency bonuses. I know that it’s not too exciting for most of you, but I’m pretty excited about building up my inventory and stuff.

The cats are sooo cute, they’re cleaning each other! Ha ha ha…

Well, I should really get to it. I have to clean up in here too, before I get to cutting stuff up!