I was cranky this morning. I woke up cranky. I think it was because I was dreaming about Rob and walking. I hate walking (because I am lazy). In my dream, Rob was asking for new business ideas, and I thought a used book/cd store in a place like Millwoods Town Centre (crappy mall) or Millbourne Mall (crappier mall), because it would have affordable rent, rather than opening up a shop on Whyte ave or something. *sigh* Apparently my ideas were crap. I also had dream where I was out on my lunch break, and went to a butcher shop to pick up some meat, and there was a woman running from the police there. She apparently rubbed a horrible chemical on my skin, that I had to have one of those safety showers for, or something. Anyway, I was totally cheesed because I didn’t pick up what I wanted from the butchers! And the cops in my dream were the ones from CSI. Ha ha ha, apparently I watched too much TV last night.

Oh, I started Shakespeare in Love last night. It’s ok, but not fabulous. I’m so tired of Romeo and Juliette stories, so maybe that’s why it’s grating me a little bit. But I will finish it (the next time I have to do laundry), because I started it. I think I set a few more movies to record, as well. Although I forget which ones. Oops. I’ll have to double check. I tend to record old movies that I haven’t seen that everyone else has, so I don’t have to rent them.

House was really good last night. Nothing like death by Gold! Dun dun dun… and Wilson is hilarious. I still can’t get past the fact that he’s the grown up guy that was the awkward teen who offs himself in Dead Poets Society! Hmmm… remind me to buy that movie.

Lets see… what else do I have to tell you? Oh! I got my first No Thanks in regards to Mary Kay last night, and it was great! I was totally thankful that she said no, because I don’t want people just to waste their time (and my time) if they really aren’t interested in it. I wouldn’t go and spend an hour looking at automotive tools if I wasn’t interested, and I don’t expect women who aren’t interested in skin care or make up to spend an hour looking at my wares either! It’s all good!

Um. I love coffee. And coffee loves me! Look at how happy coffee and I are together!