All The Fun Stuff

I have three more people booked for appointments! Yes! This means that I only need 11 more faces! We’ll see how that goes. I hope that I get my package soon. I can’t wait to try out my new products. Better than Christmas!

Hmmm… I did some of my laundry last night, and I’ll be doing more tonight. I managed to get my bedding and my pillow washed last night. I can’t believe how much hair was left in the dryer lint filter, plus how much was still on the duvet cover (it balls up in the dryer, then we can use the lint roller once it’s spread out on the bed). I also managed to blow through all my recorded Dr. Phil’s, and a few Corner Gas episodes as well. Tonight I think I shall watch Shakespear in Love while doing laundry, then read my book if I’m still at it later.

Nuts, going to have to reschedule a make over night. Oh well, training or make overs… Training, because it’s my night “off”, so I’ll see if they can re-schedule. I feel bad, though! Oh well.

Um, yeah. I’m going to go read my book now. See you later, gaters!