Soooooo tired. Must go to bed earlier!

I don’t know why I am so tired. I’m kind of concerned that it’s my anti-depressant… which is supposed to be calming, and maybe it’s just too calming? I don’t know. I have to make an appointment to see the Dr. anyway, as I have to get an allergy medication that I can actually take with the AD’s. Then we’ll see if she can help me on the too tired to think all the time. And then maybe I can give up my caffine addiction (seriously, every day, several times a day, I just can’t stop!).

My allergies are really bad right now. I don’t know if it is snow mold, dust or the new cat. *sigh* I have to wash bedding tonight, and try to dust our room. Not fun. Then I’ll have to continue on through the rest of the house. It’s just weird because with allergies, they usually get better while I’m at work, but they haven’t seem to be getting that way. I’m pretty sure that it’s not a cold or infection, as their is no indication of that. Oh well.

Sunday was a good day, but I’m looking forward to “relaxing” tonight. Ha ha ha, and by relaxing I mean folding laundry while watchign Dr. Phil. I’ve got last week to catch up on, plus the stuff that comes in this week. I love our fake Tivo.

Barb wants to buy my MAC stuff! Yes! That means that I might be able to afford to be able to buy my new brush set from Mary Kay. We’ll see.

All right, I’ve got work to do.