Loads o' Work

I’ve done a bunch of MK stuff today. I’ve booked 10 appointments for two weeks from now (classes, so I see 10 faces now, on three different nights). This means that I am 14 faces away from completing my Power Start, and getting my fancy new pin. Hurrah. I know I don’t sound too excited, but there you go. I am actually quite thrilled, it is just a lot of work. Plus, Saturday evenings I have to tally up my weeks sales, and make my goals for the next week. It’s pretty thrilling, actually. I’ve been enjoying it, and I like to transfer all my work to computer spreadsheets. Because I’m a total geek! I even wrote down all the people that I have to call tomorrow, or talk to tomorrow. I am working my magic!

We hung out with Nicole and Curtis tonight. Lovely people, I tell you! We went for dinner at Red Robin’s, but the service was really slow. I think that the kitchen was short staffed, but oh well. The food was really good. After we came back here to play with the cats, then spent time playing Bommerman and Mario Kart: Double Dash. It was a pretty fun time. Nybbs slept behind my back, keeping it nice and toasty for most of the time. Excellent fun, I tell you.

I had a nap with Nybbles today too. It was nice and cuddly. I like it when she actually cuddles with me instead of just running around and trying to eat me!

I was going to go to Rob’s Dad’s dealership to test drive a red Vibe, and get my picture taken, etc. And then it started to snow. It was pretty big, wet flakes too, so not so good. It stopped snowing, and by the time we left for dinner, it was hardly snowing at all. Good thing! I get so tired of snow. Seriously, it drives me nuts. I love it because it’s all white and pretty, but we just had two huge dumps of it, we don’t need another one!

I’m still working on Dusk by Tim Lebbon. I haven’t had as much time to read as I like, so I haven’t got much farther. It is fantasy, but it feels fairly scifi-ish. I think I’ve said this before (repeatedly), but I’ll say it again. Just for my own feelings, I think.

Carolyn is supposed to be in town. I would love to get to see her. I’ll have to call her mommy’s house and see if I can track her down. I wish that she had a cell phone so I could easily catch her. I totally want to spend some time with her, plus I would love love love to do facials for Lis and her. Fun!

All right, I should head upstairs to bed. Night all!